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Firewalls: Log, forward, store, search, pay, repeat. How do we break the cycle?

Firewall logging is one of the most important aspects of managing a secure and productive network. While it's typically just a subset of all available data, logging information helps us identify user behaviours and network activities. Additionally, understanding trends and behaviour in logs allows us to anticipate and prevent attacks.

As networks evolve and the complexity of IT grows, firewall logging is becoming more and more important for both security and network performance. Having the right logs and setting up effective alerts for high-risk activities is essential.

The trend of rising log volume will likely continue for the foreseeable future, creating many challenges for administrators tasked with managing the complexity and capacity associated with their logging and firewall environments.

New technologies like automated security log analysis, analytics and visualization, along with creative network engineering techniques, will need to be leveraged in order to make sense of this big data and ensure security compliance, capacity and cost management. Sadly many of the big vendors deliver this and can only offer real time, small data analysis over small time periods before forwarding on to the next tool.

As firewall and logging needs evolve, it is becoming increasingly important to make informed decisions about firewall logging, log retention and data security in order to avoid the possibility of an incident that could have otherwise been prevented.

It’s no surprise that security professionals are seeking new solutions when it comes to firewall logging. For years, the same issues have persisted: poor log retention, poor visibility into alerts and security incidents, high costs and a general lack of scalability or modern features like automation.

Enter and its data fabric solution. By combining proprietary ML-driven algorithms with its cloud-native architecture, provides firewall logging capabilities that are truly cost effective, easily scalable and incredibly versatile. In addition, the platform also allows customers to generate insights into security events and alerts, further empowering security professionals to respond and remediate potential threats before the security tools get their chance.

Finally, makes life easier by integrating with existing solutions like Palo Alto and Fortinet. There are no log volume limits, no data retention limits, no limits on how much data you can search, no maintenance of indexes or storage capacity to keep an eye on. The solution includes a data pipeline, which means all the data that it stores, can the filtered and high value data forwarded to existing tools like a SIEM or SOAR. Because its filtered, those upstream solutions perform better and cost a lot less to run too because is not forwarding the noise.

The future of firewall logging is here, and may just be a tool that breaks the cycle.

We are helping customers today to save well over 90% of their logging and storage costs by implementing Email our team here for more information:


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