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Activu - Integration and Visual Automation

About this customer

Activu Corporation is a technology company specializing in advanced visualization and collaboration solutions. They provide innovative software and hardware solutions designed to enhance situational awareness, information sharing, and decision-making in various industries. Activu's products are particularly known for their applications in command and control centers, where they offer solutions for displaying, managing, and sharing critical information across multiple screens and devices.


Their technologies often include features such as video wall displays, operator workstations, and software tools that help organizations monitor and respond to critical events more effectively. Activu Corporation's solutions are commonly utilized in sectors such as public safety, utilities, transportation, and other industries that require real-time information management and collaboration.

Our Customer Story

At Visibility Platforms, we take pride in serving as a trusted partner for Activu, particularly in the dynamic realm of IT where observability and AIOPS represent relatively uncharted territory. We leverage our extensive integration experience to bridge the gap and facilitate a seamless transition.


Our role extends beyond integration; we work closely with Activu's product teams, offering guidance on the most effective integration strategies and the specific problems we can address for their customers. Through this collaborative effort, we empower Activu to unlock the full potential of their solutions while ensuring that they meet the evolving needs of their client base

The Tangible Business Benefits

Our partnership with Activu yields exceptional business value. By combining our IT expertise with Activu's cutting-edge solutions, we deliver integrated, high-impact offerings that enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency for our clients. Integrations with solutions like Servicenow for example, enables Activu customers to automatically change video wall displays with observability insights based on the incident or event within Servicenow within just a few seconds.

Together, we provide a unique value proposition that ensures a seamless and insightful experience, empowering organizations to make more informed decisions, optimize resources, and drive growth

Become more predictive and preemptive, help avoid business impacting incidents.

"Visibility Platforms are deeply skilled in system integration and observability command center domains which have been invaluable to us and our clients.


The team have unmatched expertise which helps us select the right tooling and integration options."

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