Fists in Solidarity


We work with carefully chosen partners that offer the very best when it comes to tailored digital experience and observability solutions.


Deliver an intelligent end-to-end digital experience

Visibility Platforms and Dynatrace optimise management and performance across the digital experience for employees and customers to ensure modern cloud is done right.


Our approach is technology-independent and tailored to your needs. Visibility Platforms supports your change through the delivery of end-to-end technology services through partnerships with premier technology suppliers to solve your challenges and release your full potential.

Cloud-based network intelligence

Visibility Platforms & Kentik® deliver network intelligence for the connected world. The Kentik platform ingests diverse data streams from the internet, edge, cloud, data center and hybrid infrastructures and provides real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered insights and automation. 

With Kentik, businesses eliminate the visibility and intelligence gaps associated with running dynamic and complex networks, and achieve greater network performance, reliability and security. 

We partner with Kentik purely based on that fact that we know it delivers on visibility use cases every time. Whether the data is flow, packet, device or synthetic; Kenik blends in contextual intelligence from it big-data engine to take end-to-end network visibility to the very next level.

Service compliance for the cloud

Visibility Platforms and Hortium help organisations improve digital experience by delivering service compliance.

Together we ensure your applications, services and transformation projects are delivered as a success, reducing delivery and support time by 52%, increase user satisfaction and productivity, all whilst reducing licence and resource costs by 41%.

Hortium delivers actionable insights into the user experience of your business applications and services. Any application, any-where, every-time. Hortium supports any application on any cloud and delivers insights based on a user's persona and business criticality.

No matter where the users or applications are located, we can test the end-to-end delivery path ensuring we pinpoint any issues before they occur and right-size the resources used to deliver the application, saving costs, increasing productivity and reducing support overhead.

Taking control of the first mile of data

Visibility Platforms and give organisations an opportunity to control the first mile of data and to rethink observability strategies. 

As a relatively new observability vendor, already has a huge technology coverage. Deploying extends current data and telemetry further than any other vendor. Its versatility gives customers the ability to collect, store, enrich and act on all data in real time. comes with no limits. Customers pay to subscribe based on a simple & cost efficient ingest pricing structure. They get full access to the entire platform in return.

Typical engagements with involves customers who have a data volume problem, spiralling costs and are locked to contracts with existing vendors. Elastic, Splunk, Graylog or Splunk all charge based on ingest rates. Hitting limits freezes onboarding of new data sources. Deploying unlocks this blockage by allowing customers to ingest over double the amount of data and save 50-90% with existing vendors. The great thing is that its not just logs that can be ingested, metrics, traces, packets and netflows are supported.