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Fists in Solidarity


We collaborate with meticulously selected partners who excel in delivering customized digital experience and observability solutions of the highest quality


Applications that perform flawlessly and securely

Visibility Platforms and Dynatrace optimise management and performance across the digital experience for employees and customers to ensure modern cloud is done right.


Our approach is technology-independent and tailored to your needs. As a trusted Dynatrace partner, we possess the expertise to deliver end-to-end observability solutions and provide expert services to optimize your digital operations.

Why not try Dynatrace free for 15 days? 


We're here to assist you at every stage, delivering immediate value and having you up and running in a matter of minutes.

Cloud-based network intelligence

Visibility Platforms & Kentik® deliver network intelligence for the connected world. The Kentik platform ingests diverse data streams from the internet, edge, cloud, data center and hybrid infrastructures and provides real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered insights and automation. 

With Kentik, businesses eliminate the visibility and intelligence gaps associated with running dynamic and complex networks, and achieve greater network performance, reliability and security. 

We partner with Kentik purely based on that fact that we know it delivers on visibility use cases every time. Whether the data is flow, packet, device or synthetic; Kenik blends in contextual intelligence from it big-data engine to take end-to-end network visibility to the very next level.

Service compliance for the cloud

Visibility Platforms and Hortium help organisations improve digital experience by delivering service compliance.

Together we ensure your applications, services and transformation projects are delivered as a success, reducing delivery and support time by 52%, increase user satisfaction and productivity, all whilst reducing licence and resource costs by 41%.

Hortium delivers actionable insights into the user experience of your business applications and services. Any application, any-where, every-time. Hortium supports any application on any cloud and delivers insights based on a user's persona and business criticality.

No matter where the users or applications are located, we can test the end-to-end delivery path ensuring we pinpoint any issues before they occur and right-size the resources used to deliver the application, saving costs, increasing productivity and reducing support overhead.


Harness the full potential of your data is the fusion of two industry leaders, combining the established expertise of Apica in synthetics and load testing with the cutting-edge capabilities of in observability data fabric solutions.

This powerful synergy creates a comprehensive platform that not only ensures optimal application performance and reliability through advanced testing but also delivers deep insights and real-time observability across complex digital environments. stands as a unified solution, empowering businesses to excel in both proactive optimization and responsive problem-solving, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and driving digital success.

We are the people and process in your tools

Visibility Platforms partner with Harrison James to deliver the very best levels in service management. We bring the consultancy on tooling architecture, whilst we let the experts at Harrison James concentrate on the people and process.

Engagements are highly tailored to the individual customer needs and desired outcomes. We utilise all of the best practice frameworks (ITIL, COBIT, SIAM, Prince2, Agile, etc.) across the full enterprise combining the best elements to ensure your goals and objectives are met. 


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