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Travel and Transportation

About this customer

An international technology company that focuses on providing software solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Their offerings cover a wide range of services to enhance and streamline various aspects of travel operations, including airlines, hotels, and travel agencies.


Their solutions aim to optimize efficiency and customer experiences within the travel and hospitality sectors. If you book a flight, reserve a seat and add some lounge access, then you are probably using this companies solutions.

Our Customer Journey

In a matter of just a few weeks, we orchestrated a remarkable transformation for our client, drastically reducing their daily event load from a staggering 100,000 to fewer than 60,000.

Our approach began with a comprehensive assessment of their existing technology and tools. We then crafted a visionary observability strategy designed to provide them with unparalleled insights into their IT environment.

This newfound clarity allowed them to discern the intricate correlations between events and enabled them to pivot from addressing symptoms to proactively prioritizing root causes. By implementing our strategy, our clients not only saved valuable time but also fostered a more agile and efficient IT ecosystem.


The Tangible Business Benefits

Our solutions didn't stop at reducing the noise; we went the extra mile to bestow our clients with a multitude of advantages. Through the strategic deployment of ELK and Grafana, we injected business context into their operations, delivering unparalleled clarity.


For those customers who had long struggled with performance and availability issues, our interventions have ushered in an era of stability. Leveraging AIOPs (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), we've enabled them to pre-emptively address service disruptions, effectively healing potential issues before they can wreak havoc.


The result: a dependable and resilient service that empowers our customers to focus on their core business with confidence.



More than a 40% reduction events from tools in just a few weeks.


P1 Incidents

Zero critical incidents for customers who have repeatidly suffered with outages.



Now full visibility from infrastructure to business transaction delivering context.

Become more predictive and preemptive, help avoid business impacting incidents.

"Visibility Platforms has been instrumental in shaping our observability strategy, providing tangible value and equipping our operators with critical context and impact insights.

Our partnership has ignited a transformation in our approach to operational innovation. Their consultants didn't merely deliver honesty and truthfulness, but they provided us with the essential steps for success.

What truly sets them apart is their holistic perspective, enabling us to break down silos and grasp the bigger picture. We've learned more from this engagement than any single vendor relationship, and it has been an invaluable learning experience."

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