Unlock the full potential in your data with a pipeline solution

Unify data from any data source and spend more time surfacing insight for your business

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The cost of ingesting logs, metrics and traces is a growing concern within organisations. Whether your data has a security or performance focus, its just going to expand.

Deploying a pipeline allows you to control costs by owning your first mile of ingestion.

A typical deployment of a data pipeline will help organisations to ingest more and actually pay less.


Storing data in an open format eliminates vendor lock-in and guarantees future readiness.

Its your data, you decide on its future. Logs, metrics and traces all stored in once place with an easy to use interface.

Because everything is stored in the same open format, its easily queried via sql.


On-prem or SaaS, you choose. Logiq.ai will automatically scale regardless of environment size or your data volume.

No configuration is required, no system administration is needed. Plug in your storage and you are ready to save.

You can combine environments or business divisions in one cluster or just add another for no extra cost.

One fee for ingest, everything else is included.


Logiq.ai automatically indexes everything is ingest. No housekeeping is required to keep the solution running at warp speed.

Whether you query today's logs, or last years logs, every query will returns under 1 second.

Every dimension of data becomes a metric. Using hard thresholds or machine learning, Logiq.ai measures and alerts your operations teams continuously and in real-time.


You as a customer get to retain and control all data once it passes through the pipeline.

There are no limits on how long data is retained, unlike other vendor tools like Datadog or Dynatrace. Everything is treated the same, stored forever.

Its also possible to ingest data from your other specialist tools and use Logiq.ai to extend retention at a lower cost.

Get one step closer to data democracy

Visibility Platforms are helping customers today to disrupt the data strategy in a pain free approach. Starting as a proof of concept or trial is all that is needed to get up and running.

With over 150 different technologies supported out of the box, together with 1500 ready made filters for APM or SIEM data makes the on-boarding process very easy. Dashboards are simple to create, the query language is intuitive.

Your data pipeline solution should be about all data, whether security sensitive, from critical applications, firewall, open-telemetry or entire cloud subscriptions. Having all of it in one place allows you to make better decisions faster. Its a whole lot safer too.

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What our clients say about us

"Visibility Platforms are deeply skilled in system integration and observability command center domains which have been invaluable to us and our clients.


The team have unmatched expertise which helps us select the right tooling and integration options"

John Desmond, SVP Markets and Strategy
Activu Corporation

"Visibility Platforms have been the go-to partner for us to land the best in class tools as part of our clients capability and function builds.

In project mode they bring real world experience in enabling technical solutions to come to life that in turn provide the bedrock for new or improved functions and capabilities to deliver from day 1.

When building enterprise capability, tools is a key component and there is no other team we would rather work with when tooling is a required deliverable of a client engagement​"

James Warren, Managing Director
Harrison James Limited