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Unlock your data with an unlimited fixed cost 
data pipeline

Unify data from any source and spend more time surfacing insight for your business

Enterprise Tooling

Profession Services

We guarantee to cut your data ingest costs within 30 days, or there's no charge.

Petabyte Scale has no limits. If you handle petabytes of data every day, scales with your load. No tuning, no indexes, just let your data flow freely.

Return on Investment

Customers should expect a 50% reduction in ingest costs in the first 30 days. By the time your next full bill arrives from your existing vendor, pays for itself.

XOps Ready

Unify data between IT and Security Ops teams by centralising data and distributing the relevant facets to upstream systems. Unify logs, events, traces, packets and flows in one place.

Remove Data Silos

Unlock your data first mile and make choices of where your data needs to be. Share between operations and security without increasing costs.

Your data your terms

Don't be fooled by vendors that ask you to pay to retain your data for longer. gives you the power to decide what is stored, where it is stored and for how long. Be compliant, on your terms with a SOC-2 approved platform.


We are with you every step of the way. Customers are up and running within a few hours and able to start reducing ingest once the first filtering rule is enabled. 

Host anywhere

The platform is totally flexible and allows customers to choose between SaaS, PaaS or hybrid deployments. You can choose where to store your data, where to host clusters and freely move data as you please.

What our clients say about Data Pipelines

30 Days to 90 Days retention without paying the premium

We provide security services to many customers based on IBM Q-Radar SIEM. We have struggled with poor data retention choices with some customers that require more storage buckets than our tenants can offer. offered us a cost-effective way to extending our storage buckets using existing Amazon storage. We now offer 90 day's retention out of the box and can replay data back into Q-Radar within seconds if required.

Thanks to and Visibility Platforms, they helped us streamline ingest costs per QRadar tenant. This cost saving more than paid for the extended storage we use to offer 90 days. It has helped us offer an improved service to all our security service customers.

Manage Service Provider, Europe

60% reduction on Ingest costs in month one

We are a Splunk customer that has experienced huge demand from our business to log and onboard more data from around our IT estate, more so in the last 2-3 years.

Our build teams were spending more time trying to trim and streamline our EPS to prevent over spill as we hit our license limits frequently. The onboarding pipeline has slowed down drastically because of this. More ingest means more cost, making cost forecasting difficult to manage.

Thanks to's data pipeline, we now handle all initial ingest and validation before we proceed with forwarding to Splunk. This has allowed us to filter and prioritise high value log lines through applying simple rules. 

Within month one, we recorded a 60% reduction on EPS in Splunk and that puts us in a better financial position.

Splunk Customer, United Kingdom adds anomaly detection

The benefits of observability can't be solely assessed by looking into the now. What can the current state of the system say about what may happen in the future?

Is it possible to make well-timed decisions related to costs or capacity management because you know how your infrastructure and applications have been behaving historically?

When AI/ML techniques are applied to observable data, they provide priceless insights into how an organisation's environment behaves. includes a built-in AI/ML engine that works with any time-series data from any data source (e.g., Prometheus) - anomaly detection, forecasting, data baselining, and statistical modelling are all now made available as standard features on our platform.

If your current solutions don't detect anomalies, that's not a problem. Placing as the collector of your data, then forwarding to existing solutions delivers that capability. 

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