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Deliotte - Tooling Disaster Recovery/Continuity

About this customer

In our partnership with Deloitte, we play a pivotal role in enhancing their ability to navigate and comprehend recovery approaches during critical business outages. As seasoned tooling specialists with over three decades of experience, we bring a deep and technical understanding of the fundamental building blocks required for restoring monitoring and observability solutions across many vendors.


When it comes to helping Deloitte and their clients rebuild and recover after disaster strikes, we serve as a trusted guide, equipping them with invaluable insights and a comprehensive understanding of this complex landscape. With any recovery there is an order, tooling is almost first to be restored after critical services like DNS, AD, NTP etc. 


Our collaboration has empowered Deloitte to provide top-tier recovery solutions, ensuring resilience and continuity for their customers.

The Tangible Business Benefits

At Visibility Platforms, our extensive and profound grasp of technology is the cornerstone of our partnership with Deloitte. We offer a complementary expertise that enhances their existing knowledge base, ensuring that their plans and recovery approaches are not only robust but also watertight. Together, we combine our in-depth technical insights with Deloitte's strategic acumen, resulting in comprehensive and fool proof solutions that fortify their clients against unforeseen challenges

Become more predictive and preemptive, help avoid business impacting incidents.

"Visibility Platforms brings a truly unique and invaluable dimension to our collaboration. Their services provide us with an unmatched depth of technical expertise and a holistic approach that sets them apart.

In our experience, their ability to understand and optimize complex technology landscapes is exceptional. They not only complement our offerings but significantly enhance the quality of our services.

Visibility Platforms is more than a partner; they're a vital asset that elevates our capabilities and empowers us to deliver the highest level of value to our clients.

If anyone knows about what happened at Maersk in June 2017, without the skills of these consultants, the recovery would have taken twice as long"

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