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Service compliance for the cloud

Visibility Platforms and Hortium help organisations improve digital experience by delivering service compliance.

Together we ensure your applications, services and transformation projects are delivered as a success, reducing delivery and support time by 52%, increase user satisfaction and productivity, all whilst reducing licence and resource costs by 41%.


Application Behaviour, User Experience Insights

Hortium delivers actionable insights into the user experience of your business applications and services. Any application, any-where, every-time.

We help you test, measure and deliver next generation applications and services to your users.

We support any application on any cloud and deliver insights based on a user's persona and business criticality.

Gain the insights you need to manage complex 3rd party service chains and deliver the quality of experience your user requires to operate effectively.

No matter where the users or applications are located, we can test the end-to-end delivery path ensuring we pinpoint any issues before they occur and right-size the resources used to deliver the application, saving costs, increasing productivity and reducing support overhead.




Together with Hortium, we offer a range of troubleshooting, assessment, migration and transformation services. 

Digital transformation and migration is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting in fundamental changes in how a business operates and the value they deliver to their users.

Our joint aims are to:


  • Deliver a consistent user experience through change

  • Manage the Adoption of services through migration

  • Control, Test and Manage any service through Transformation

  • Transformation Experience - Lower operating cost and business risk

  • Provide end to end traceability for all digital applications and services

Unlocking value


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