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Adding visibility into grassroots football

We are proud to announce our partnership with Bracknell Athletic Girls football teams. With some small investment into the club, we will help by supplying vital kit and jackets for the winter months. (it gets wet, and very cold on the sidelines).

Footballs teams such as Bracknell Athletic really help communities come together and allow the girls to develop their football and key skills, plus make friends for life at the same time. The club are great at offering girls of all age's a chance to learn and enjoy being part of a team. Some of the reasons why we wanted to help.

A few interesting questions were presented on Saturday as parents were interested in knowing what we do; Are you a window cleaner, scaffolder or glazer were asked more than once. For the non IT folk out there, it took a few attempts to explain.

Visibility Platforms deliver monitoring solutions for application and IT Infrastructure for companies who want to improve service reliability. We do this by deploying observability solutions to measure IT and business performance. We work with some of the largest companies and vendors in the world, the team share over 50 years of industry experience and are recognized as experts in their field.

Good luck this season to all the girls playing for Bracknell Athletic and enjoy the jackets/kit.


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