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Black Friday came early if you ingest data and pay per GB

This is going to be huge, trust us. have just announced a new pricing structure that will now split its product portfolio into four core pillars.

  1. Observe - Full stack observability

  2. Flow - Data pipeline

  3. Lake - Data retention and compliance

  4. Secure - Edge protection, SIEM and SOAR

As the title of this blog mentions "black friday" as in bargain, price drop or deal.... then for users of products like Splunk, Elastic,, Logicmonitor, AppDynamics, New Relic, Honeycomb, Instana, Graylog, Sumologic - this is your black friday deal. Those product lines charge customers per GB per month to ingest, this product gives you the power to control that ingest!

Highlighted below is the Flow product from This is now a fixed price of $25000 annually and you get UNLIMITED INGEST. (PaaS only). Flow is not limited to logs, metrics and traces are included.

The potential savings here are huge. If for example you are using a vendor above and ingesting TB's of logs per day, you can use the Flow product to ingest, collect and store your data before forwarding on to your existing vendor. However, it's not a TB that you forward, why would you just add a middleman. With and Flow, you get to remove all of your white noise and reduce ingest by as much as 90%.

Contact our team via to arrange a demo and confirm cost savings.


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