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Embracing the Evolution: Dynatrace Grail Revolutionizes Observability

In the realm of observability, evolution is the key to staying ahead. At Dynatrace, they have embarked on an exciting journey with Dynatrace Grail, a ground breaking advancement that's redefining the landscape of monitoring and logging. In this blog post, we're thrilled to share our successful experience of upgrading a major customer environment with Dynatrace Grail, highlighting the seamless transition, its transformative features, and the profound changes it brings to how we perceive logging.

A Seamless Transition with Dynatrace Grail

Recently, we took a bold step forward by upgrading a substantial customer environment with Dynatrace Grail, and the results were truly remarkable. Opting for the 7-day option, we witnessed Grail's progressive population, alongside the continued functionality of the legacy logging solution within Dynatrace. The upgrade was executed seamlessly, without a hitch. Notably, our comprehensive 20-point validation checklist yielded flawless results, underscoring the dependability of the transition process. (takes 15 mins to walk through).

The Dynatrace Grail Revolution

Dynatrace Grail is more than just an upgrade; it's a revolution in observability. This innovative solution introduces a shift from the traditional ELK stack to a cutting-edge object storage-based system. The user interface undergoes a transformation with the introduction of notebooks and new dashboards, enhancing user experience and facilitating more insightful analysis. There is no need to manually "create metric" anymore, instead everything is easily visualised via DQL directly in the new dashboards solution.

A Fundamental Pricing Transformation

A significant aspect of Dynatrace Grail lies in its revolutionary approach to pricing. We've reimagined the way logging is priced, moving away from the conventional per-line model with a default 35 days of retention. With Dynatrace Grail, the paradigm shifts to a per-gigabyte, per-search, and per-day of retention model. This not only brings more flexibility to your logging strategy but also aligns with the evolving needs of modern observability.

Embracing the Future with Dynatrace Grail

Dynatrace Grail doesn't just bring a transformation to pricing and user interface; it also ushers in a new era of flexibility and openness. A remarkable leap from the previous static solution, Dynatrace Grail opens up a world of possibilities by welcoming third-party agents like ELK or Fluent. This means you can seamlessly integrate your preferred tools and formats, enabling a cohesive logging ecosystem that aligns with your unique needs.

Moreover, Dynatrace Grail isn't confined to structured data alone. It's designed to accommodate both formatted and unformatted data types, offering you the freedom to work with a broader spectrum of information. This adaptability transforms logging into a dynamic and fluid process, breaking down the barriers of rigidity that were once associated with traditional solutions.

Dynatrace Grail's embrace of third-party agents and diverse data types reflects our commitment to empowering you with an observability solution that's as agile and versatile as your operations demand. With this leap, we're redefining what's possible in the world of logging, setting a new standard for innovation and flexibility that's at the heart of Dynatrace Grail.

A little gotcha

Dynatrace Grail, when enabled, will switch your pricing models within the subscription. Your legacy dashboards that detail the number of DDU's or Host Licenses will no longer populate. Instead, you will switch to the DQL Usage model. Reach out to Dynatrace support to get some help if needed, or we'd be more than happy to share some DQL queries to help visualise your consumption

As always, email us at for more information.


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