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Navigating the SaaS Seas: Challenges and Solutions

In today's tech landscape, organizations are riding the SaaS wave with an average of 130 SaaS-based applications, as highlighted in Vendr's insightful article on SaaS spending.

Undoubtedly, SaaS applications offer unparalleled advantages—streamlining business processes, eliminating the need for hosting and update deployments, and simplifying user access management.

3000 SaaS Services ready to switch on
3000 SaaS Services ready to switch on

wever, the challenges arise, particularly in the realm of monitoring. While SLAs bear the weight of trust, we've all encountered a downtime hiccup or two. Many SaaS providers offer status pages and automated user journey monitoring, but when dealing with a multitude—say 130—it becomes a formidable task, especially if constant adjustments are needed and they are not all the same format. (RSS, ATOM, Status, Static pages)

Let's delve into the top five SaaS categories, based on completed deals in 2022/2023:

  1. CRM:,—mainly catering to business users with IT overseeing connectivity and user journey monitoring.

  2. Cybersecurity: Tools like Splunk, Tanium, or Cloudflare, primarily consumed by Cyber/Security teams.

  3. Application Performance Monitoring (APM): Dynatrace, New Relic, Datadog—where operational monitoring and synthetic testing of SaaS applications take place.

  4. Project Management: Jira, Azure DevOps,, Zoho—facilitating project task planning, organization, and tracking.

  5. Cloud Data Integration: Snowflake, Databricks, cloud hypervisors—connecting and integrating data for business intelligence.

Every SaaS vendor, whether hosting independently or with strategic suppliers like AWS, Azure, GCP, or DigitalOcean, adds complexity. Hypervisors have their status pages, and SaaS providers are vigilantly monitoring them.

As an illustration, consider the status page for Informatica. The provided URL enables you to subscribe to updates, allowing them to send you information regarding outages or planned maintenance. Now, envision dealing with 130 such feeds daily—managing and handling this volume of information becomes a significant task for your monitoring teams.

Any glitch in the hypervisor can potentially impact everyone, creating an additional layer of monitoring requirements.

Enter the pandemic, triggering a surge in SaaS application usage. Zoom, for instance, expanded drastically for remote meetings, attributing outages to AWS. Now, envision managing 130 applications in the same cloud, utilizing a mix of services.

Monitoring becomes a chain reaction—watching SaaS provider service pages, which, in turn, are scrutinizing hypervisor status pages.

In a recent scenario, this specific use case took centre stage. A customer we were engaging with encountered a service outage, causing substantial customer impact. Initial examinations using their monitoring tools and Azure showed no apparent issues. The revelation of an issue only occurred when they consulted the status page of their security SaaS provider (Cloudflare). This underscores the crucial importance of monitoring every facet, encompassing your own services, hosting providers, security providers, and single sign-on providers.

Our Solution: Picture a tool that monitors all your SaaS providers and cloud hypervisors, offering a comprehensive breakdown of issues. It effortlessly correlates these issues to help identify the root cause. Intrigued? What if we told you it takes just 15 minutes to set up and seamlessly integrates with your existing event or incident platform.

SaaS Service Monitoring, 2500 different services being monitored
Monitor 2500+ SaaS Services

Explore our cost-effective SaaS monitoring solution—where swift insights, precise solutions, and effortless setup meet affordability. Enjoy the flexibility to incorporate your own services and endpoints, consolidating everything in one place, or utilize the API to seamlessly integrate with your observability solutions. Affordable excellence in every aspect.

Our solution meticulously monitors approximately 2500(rising daily) distinct services, capturing a comprehensive history of each event. Say goodbye to concerns about vendors altering status pages. For those offering customer services, it also generates a dedicated status page for your customer-facing endpoints, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Detailed breakdown of SaaS Provider and Planned Activities/outages
Detailed breakdown of SaaS Provider and Planned Activities/outages

After selecting and activating your vendors, the next consideration is devising a plan for action and alerting, including deciding who should be notified. On the alerting and integration front, our solution is enterprise-ready and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools. Mapping the payload for platforms like PagerDuty and ServiceNow is straightforward, ensuring that you receive context-rich information with each alert. Additionally, a comprehensive collection of custom monitors is included, empowering you to test your own services and gauge any potential impact effectively.

Want to know more? Email us at for a demo, we can have you up and running in no time.


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