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Observability Predictions 2023

The anticipation has been building throughout 2022, and the wait is finally over. Gartner's long-awaited update to their "APM and Observability" magic quadrant was recently released, providing invaluable insight into what we can expect from the industry in 2023. Those looking for an in-depth breakdown of vendor offerings should be sure to check out the excellent collection on APMDigest. It's a must-read!

APM Disgest:

So before we drop our own predictions, we asked ChatGBT what it thought about 2023:

ChatGBT Observability Predictions 2023
ChatGBT Observability Predictions 2023
  1. Is quiet obvious, name a company that isn't modernising and introducing microservices.

  2. Introducing ML and AI is progression from monolithic monitoring, detecting and acting on the data you collect is key. Data volumes are growing everywhere, and the only way to really derive value is high volume ML and anomaly detection.

  3. 100% right. Logs and User Experience data is getting even more focus from European and now US states. Where data is collected, how it is collected, how long its stored for, how secure etc.

  4. Without doubt, when ramping up speed and efficiency in your deployment and aiming for 100% quality, we do really need to start in the early development stages. Fix and understand everything before it goes anywhere near production.

In 2023, we too anticipate the emergence of new technologies such as AI-driven diagnostics and predictive analytics, augmented reality for real-time IT Enterprise topology, machine learning for automation and optimization, and more. But here are our four main themes expected for 2023.

Observability Pipelines will be a game-changer in the APM and ops world. Unfortunately, they have yet to be fully recognized by many of the Digest vendors, despite the obvious benefits that they offer. From ingesting logs and open-telemetry data to closing any product shortfalls, pipelines can bring tangible value to an organization. Gartner hasn't even mentioned them either, but with the rise of Datadog’s offering, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before others jump on board. Our own partner has been offering a pipeline for many years, our customers are already benefiting and we think they have massive potential in 2023. Its #1 on our list.

Saving costs is going to be important across the globe in 2023. The slowing global economic climate is to blame. Finding the best way to controlling spend or consolidation of tools, as well as measuring cloud capacity and understanding high spend components will be top of the list for many. All tooling, including observability tools will be reviewed to determine if there is a smarter or a more efficient way of doing things. Can we do more with less!

Unified intelligence is the key to helping organizations reach their service management goals. With a unified platform, organisations will be able to get an all-encompassing view of their environment that includes cloud, network, application, and security solutions. This greater visibility and insight will enable them to better monitor performance and anticipate any issues. Moreover, with advanced data collection capabilities like time travel based topology of their entire estate, organizations can gain deeper understanding into how their operations are performing and be better prepared for preventing outages. IT Leaders will be demanding improved SLAs and fewer outages, unifying intelligence will be the only route.

End User and Business Outcomes. In 2023, the importance of end user experience and business outcomes will continue to be a critical focus for companies. A positive end user experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately drive revenue and business growth. On the other hand, a poor end user experience can negatively impact a company's reputation and bottom line. Therefore, it is important for companies to prioritize the end user experience and regularly assess and improve upon it in order to achieve desired business outcomes. This can involve collecting and analysing customer feedback, A/B testing design and functionality changes, and continuously optimizing the user journey.

In 2023, Visibility Platforms could potentially help your organisation improve observability by providing tools and solutions that allow you to more effectively monitor and understand the performance and behaviour of your systems and applications.

We are proud to partner with several observability vendors that offer our customers the best in real-time visibility, alerting systems, topology visualization and data management solutions. With these powerful tools, we can ensure our customers experience the highest level of performance, troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, and do it all without breaking the bank.

Additionally, our company could potentially offer training and consulting services to help your team understand best practices for using these tools and implementing an effective observability strategy.

Thank you for reading. To arrange a session with one of our experts, please email and we'll be happy to arrange a free session for you.


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