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What a week for Dynatrace

Our team joined 100's of Dynatracer's, partners and customers at the Innovate event in London this week. For once, we met humans face to face and there were no two-meter distancing rules or a mask in sight. We returned to the new normal, and it was great.

Two slides in, we were already being primed with news of a huge announcement. Something that was going to take Dynatrace to the next level of observability. Gartner already classes Dynatrace as the domain leader of Application Performance and Observability, they have always been there, we were intrigued what they had up their sleeve.

Then bang, the CTO hopped on the stage and looked pretty pleased with himself. Grail™ was announced, and as the details slowly hit us, we were realising just how far forward this takes the intelligence platform. Instead of slowly introducing extensions for technology, beefing up an existing logging capability or acquiring some new technology - Dynatrace knew three years ago exactly what observability needed next. They rewrote their core intelligence platform, and they added data at scale, requiring no feeding or watering, it was scalable observability.

Grail™ sits alongside the Oneagent, Purepath, Smartscape and Davis AI at heart of the intelligence platform.

Slide by slide, the details were being shared with the audience. As I write this post, I'm still looking at picture by picture on my phone, because it's packed with so many newsworthy features. Let's try and share:

Grail™ highlights

Scale - The new platform now promises 100TB per day per customer initially. This is a serious uplift on the current data volumes the platform ingests via Oneagents, logs, metrics and traces. Scale also means ALL DATA is now welcome. Thats network, syslog, cloud, firewall, api, security events and any business data all in one data lakehouse.

Cost-Efficient - Blobs, buckets, S3, we all know this is the cheapest place in the cloud to park big data. Dynatrace are including a cost-efficient solution for customers to bring all data together. Using this type of option also means longer retention, something I know customers will love. Being cost efficient to store more for longer gives customers an opportunity to rethink logging strategy or to consolidate other point tools in their estate.

Context - As Dynatrace ingests data into Grail™, a log-to-metric feature will translate and enrich every data point with context. Today's logging offering in the platform does not automate this important feature, meaning logs are largely stored without context. With context, Grail™ introduces a whole new world to an already capable Davis AI engine. Davis AI is where the need to watch glass disappears, the AI engine will now have more data to make even better and bigger decisions.

No Index, No Rehydration, just Speed - that's right, unlike other big data platforms, Grail™ will handle all of the ingest, enrichment and indexing. All data is treated equally, and all data will be returned at speed. Need some data some 300 days ago, you got it.

Security - With added scale, a much larger data set promising 365 days of retention means an eye watering opportunity for those who have looked at the Dynatrace Security analytics in the past. We know Dynatrace was already leading the way with application vulnerability and threat detection, adding more dimension from network, cloud, firewall, ids type data present's a serious proposition to a wider audience. The log-to-metric feature with Davis AI also means that Dynatrace will now further its intelligence into a whole new world, something we are excited about.

In other news..

We launched our partner page for Dynatrace on our website with a brilliant new video. Please take a look here Link. You can find out more about our partnership and even sign up for a free 15-day trial.

If you need help, guidance, hand holding, a deep dive discussion with your techies, you know where to find us.


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