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Network Traceability


Lacking a 30,000ft view of your network?

Our Cloud and Branch service offers an advanced network observability capability that takes care of your connectivity monitoring needs in a single cost effective deployment. The service is developed to monitor critical paths across your network and to determine root cause analysis of turbulent networks in real time. We deploy our service alongside your existing monitoring tools and give your teams full access to navigate and troubleshoot. 

Service Features

  • Hop by hop connectivity monitoring of remote branches/sites/applications

  • Health status of critical cloud services (Azure, AWS, GCS, Others)

  • Application performance & availability monitoring

  • SaaS application monitoring

  • Netflow monitoring

  • Real-time & scheduled reporting

  • Customer full access

  • Service management integration (Servicenow, incident, event)

  • Training, knowledge transfer and dedicated support

  • Minimum 12 month subscription

Want to know more? Then contact us, and one of the team will be able to answer any questions. 

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