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Observability on your terms is the fusion of two industry leaders, combining the established expertise of Apica in synthetics and load testing with the cutting-edge capabilities of in observability data fabric solutions.

This powerful synergy creates a comprehensive platform that not only ensures optimal application performance and reliability through advanced testing but also delivers deep insights and real-time observability across complex digital environments. stands as a unified solution, empowering businesses to excel in both proactive optimization and responsive problem-solving, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and driving digital success.

Unlocking observability introduces a boundaryless approach. Subscribers adopt a straightforward and economical ingest pricing model, granting them unrestricted entry to the comprehensive platform.

Deploying unlocks a broader spectrum of use cases as all data is seamlessly pooled within a single data lake. This convergence enhances responsiveness and intelligence in data-driven actions, facilitating a more rapid and effective decision-making process.

Moreover, serves as a unifying force, harmonizing data deployment across organizations. It efficiently channels data to its optimal destinations, streamlining its journey for maximum impact.



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Unlocking value introduces an unparalleled value proposition that transcends IT-wide teams, catering to synthetics, availability, and open telemetry support.

With built-in SIEM capabilities, it goes beyond traditional offerings by harnessing the power of machine learning to autonomously identify anomalies without the constraint of predefined thresholds. By establishing a baseline of normalcy, empowers users with automated decision-making, streamlining operations.

Additionally, the platform's data lake features empower customers with unprecedented control. They can curate what data to store, determine storage locations, and define data retention periods according to their unique requirements.

This level of customization grants organizations the autonomy to shape their data management strategy, ensuring compliance and efficiency. stands as a true powerhouse, boasting a feature set that sets it apart from any other vendor in the sector, cementing its position as an industry trailblazer.


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