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Call Path Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Monitoring

The importance of monitoring and understanding of the Microsoft Teams platform has never been greater. Microsoft have made the architecture simple to prepare and understand for network administrators, but enterprises are still challenged with now having to cater for remote and home worker connectivity. Important meetings with your peers, potential new customers or company broadcasts can be impacted by a single poor connection.

Visibility Platforms help organisations to gain full end to end traceability of Microsoft Teams and to enable better performance and call quality. Today we offer both ad-hoc troubleshooting engagements and fully managed services where we take care of monitoring your Microsoft Teams environments.

This service is different. Our customers share full access to our tools. We combine powerful synthetics with call data from the Microsoft Teams API. Service Providers typically offer the service with reporting, no access to dashboards or call data in real time. That is where we are different, we are transparent and allow full access.

Service Features

  • Unified Communication Reporting and Analytics

  • Call Quality Monitoring and Alerting

  • License and Capacity Reporting

  • Real-time call statistics (per user, location, call type)

  • Call center statistics (call time, dropped calls, missed calls etc)

  • Headset & Device Reporting (Jabra, Poly)

  • App Sharing, Audio and Video Call Monitoring

  • Network Path Monitoring (fully simulated MS Teams calls from anywhere)

Want to know more? Then contact us, and one of the team will be able to answer any questions. 

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