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The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group

We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors to our customers. Building and nurturing trust is at the heart of our approach. We don't merely provide solutions; we embark on a transformative journey alongside our customers, where trust is the bedrock upon which we build lasting relationships.

Think of us as your long-term partners who focus on the climate, not just the weather. In other words, we don't fixate solely on immediate challenges but rather adopt a holistic perspective, providing enduring, sustainable solutions that transcend the moment. This philosophy goes beyond technology; it's about cultivating trust that stands the test of time and guiding our customers through an enduring journey of progress and excellence.

Here are some customer success stories from many industry sectors that you may may find inspiring.

Become more predictive and preemptive, help avoid business impacting incidents.

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What our customers say about us

"Visibility Platforms are deeply skilled in system integration and observability command center domains which have been invaluable to us and our clients.


The team have unmatched expertise which helps us select the right tooling and integration options"

John Desmond, SVP Markets and Strategy
Activu Corporation

"Visibility Platforms have been the go-to partner for us to land the best in class tools as part of our clients capability and function builds.

In project mode they bring real world experience in enabling technical solutions to come to life that in turn provide the bedrock for new or improved functions and capabilities to deliver from day 1.

When building enterprise capability, tools is a key component and there is no other team we would rather work with when tooling is a required deliverable of a client engagement​"

James Warren, Managing Director
Harrison James Limited

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