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Who are The Adecco Group

Adecco Group is a well-known multinational human resource and workforce solutions company. It's one of the world's largest staffing and workforce services providers with over 30,000 employees.

Our Customer Journey

We commenced the project by crafting a comprehensive tooling strategy and actionable plan, focusing on delivering substantial business value to the operations teams. This involved assessing existing tooling and capabilities, identifying gaps, and aligning them with a robust observability strategy.


The outcomes were immediate – we successfully decommissioned redundant tools, resulting in substantial cost savings. Additionally, we identified and addressed tooling overlaps, guiding the migration to a more strategic and cost-effective toolset.


After the vendor selection phase, we smoothly implemented the deployment and onboarding of all mission-critical applications onto the selected observability platform, Dynatrace. The integration into the Service Management Platform (ServiceNow) marked the beginning of tangible operational improvements.

The Tangible Business Benefits

Our efforts translated into a tangible reduction in critical incidents, minimizing business outages. This, in turn, liberated more time for the teams to concentrate on delivering exceptional services to new and existing customers.


Outage Hours

More than a 70% reduction in outage hours. 


P1 Incidents

77% fewer critical incidents recorded. This meant less time in warm rooms and service recovery.


Request Handling

250% improvement on request delivery. Operations teams had more time to spend delivering services.

Become more predictive and preemptive, help avoid business impacting incidents.

"The Adecco Group has achieved enhanced visibility into critical applications, enabling instant assessment of business impact and a shift from a reactive operational status to a predictive one"

Upon onboarding the initial set of applications into the command and control center, we witnessed a significant enhancement in intelligence and visibility. This transformation empowered our analysts to make more informed and expedited decisions.

The deployment of observability tools introduced an unprecedented level of end-to-end visibility, marking a milestone in their operations.


The integration of Servicenow's remediation capabilities enabled us to proactively introduce preventative measures, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of application services.

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