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Rethink strategies

Visibility Platforms and give organisations an opportunity to control the 1st mile of data and to rethink observability strategies. 

As a relatively new observability vendor, already has a huge technology coverage. Deploying extends current data and telemetry further than any other vendor. Its versatility gives customers the ability to collect, store, enrich and act on all data in real time.'s technology support is vast, more than any other vendor in this space

Unlocking observability comes with no limits. Customers pay to subscribe based on a simple & cost efficient ingest pricing structure. They get full access to the entire platform in return.

Customers that deploy answer more use cases than ever before by having all available data in a single data lake. Data is converged and acted upon in a faster and more intelligent way. helps to unite data in a single deployment across organisations. Its gets the data to where it needs to be. 

observability 2.0 right here


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Unlocking value


Together with, we help customers to take back control of their data and approach observability with real time intelligence.

  • Cost Optimisation: Because includes a fast and scalable data pipeline, this can be deployed quickly in customer environments and placed in front of existing tools. Doing so can help increase capacity whilst reducing costs simultaneously. Customers that use logging solutions like Splunk, Elastic or Datadog can expect a 50-90% cost saving, simply by passing through first. More data can be retained without breaking the bank.

  • Observability for all: Tooling costs today are driven by feature capacity. is different. There are no data, agent or usage limits within the product. It allows customers to centrally collect everything in one place and act on that data faster. If you have existing tools, that's no problem. can forward data to any tool or database so there is zero impact to processes.

  • Unrivalled capabilities: Although a relatively new company, packs a punch and already has more capabilities than the majority of the entire competition. IT Departments benefit as a whole because this brings together all data from all major pillars. Cloud, Network, Application and Security data can be collected and acted upon centrally.

  • Security and SIEM. has an inbuilt SIEM feature that using advance threat detection and rule-based alerting. By the time your current solution has ingested, indexed & detected a threat, will already know. gives customers that extra layer of protection. Passing through its data pipelines allows customer store everything first, inspect threats in real time, then forward to one or many SIEMS solutions.

  • Zero Touch. requires little input. Everything you throw into the data lake is automatically indexed, fully hydrated and fast any time you need it. Features like log to metric, machine learning and anomaly detection work out of the box. With 1000's of integrations ready to go, onboarding is simple.


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