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Lacking a 30,000ft view?

In June 2018, Kentik posted an article that warned of silos and that we must synergise. To truly break down silos, new process and tools need to be able to support emerging network monitoring requirements, then bring it all together to create intelligence.

It's now October 2022, the same silos exist. The majority of network performance vendors lack an end-to-end monitoring capability that includes cloud. They represent monolithic silos and continue to choose to prioritise synthetics or packets, failing to offer a 30,000ft view that we need.

Visibility Platforms partner with Kentik because they focus on synergising network telemetry using a big data approach. Instead of monolithic up/down or hot/cold monitoring (they can do that) they are able to forecast network performance and capacity before it impacts customer networks. They lead this pack of cloud observability vendors because they are innovators, anticipated & understood how the huge shift to cloud would impact the network.

As we demo Kentik to our customers, we often start with this view (next image). Not only does it spark immediate interest & monitoring related questioning, it delivers the 30,000ft view. A real-time picture of your entire network's moving parts using a combination of flow, packet, synthetics and your cloud data in a single insight.

But it's not the 30,000ft view that makes Kentik so impressive in our demo's. It's what comes next, how Kentik introduces an automated workflow allowing users to seamlessly navigate through their network as if they were travelling through it themselves. Kentik brings your network to life. Selecting a cloud vendor opens every subscription and network device an in interconnected UI. Users are presented with all the related technical assets and information in the same workflow. Metrics, connectivity status, peering information, drops, subnet data and routing tables and more can be instantly viewed instantly.

If you are still searching for the ultimate network observability solution, Kentik delivers the 30,000ft view and a whole lot more. Reach out to our team for more information:


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