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Observability on your terms? are actually doing just that. With easy-to-understand pricing, you get full access to a solution jam packed with features. No hidden costs, no limits, your terms. may be seen as a threat to other vendors, but we at Visibility Platforms think can actually offer a lifeline to those vendors and customers who lack access to the data they need. The huge platform offering today can be seen below in a new capability diagram. No other observability vendor gives you this level of capability in a single solution - out of the box.

Take for example an observability pipeline. Only Datadog has this feature in the Garter APM & Observability 2022 quadrant today, yet includes a pipeline out of the box. For customers who cannot get the data they need into their favoured vendor platforms because of cost or technical limitation; gives you a bridge to a much bigger choice of data. Placing as the 1st mile collector, you have the power to store cost efficiently, remove the heavyweight white noise, then forward to your existing APM or SIEM vendor. No rising costs, better retention, more choices.

Another important feature in the observability space is logging. Some 2022 quadrant vendors today have based their whole solution around this basic capability, yet its heavily priced and none offer any decent levels of retention. Few vendors offer any filtering until ingest takes place, making it difficult to forecast or control costs. Very few vendors support network or cloud logs, only logs from their own agents. support all logs from any source, any agent.

In IT Departments today, we have four core pillars of logging & possibly four different tools. Cloud, Network, IT Operations and Security. The four obviously have difference use cases, retention requirements, data locations, users and costs. Introducing can actually help in this case. Using to collect all four sets of logs in the first mile gives you control of cost in the 2nd mile. Once stored, you can forward only relevant logs that are heavily filtered and enriched based on use case, not source. This simple change alone can deliver cost savings of up to 90% because it removes the weight.

Take 5 minutes to open their website: Reach out to our team who will be more than happy to help with a demo:

Observability really can be on your terms


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