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Unveiling the Unbounded Potential: and Apica Join Forces

In a ground breaking collaboration, and Apica have harnessed their unique strengths to pioneer a new era of observability. This unprecedented partnership not only redefines the observability landscape but also introduces a range of capabilities that set them apart from current industry leaders.

Unmatched Offering in Endpoint Observability and Thick Client Synthetics

At the core of this collaboration lies the ability to provide a comprehensive observability solution that spans from endpoints to thick client synthetics. With the power to monitor and optimize applications like SAP and Office 365, and Apica become trailblazers in delivering a holistic view of performance and user experiences, ensuring that no aspect goes unnoticed.

Exclusive SIEM and SOAR, SOC II Certified

Distinctively positioned, and Apica offer more than just observability. They stand as the only vendor equipped with a built-in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solutions that are SOC II certified. This unparalleled combination of observability and security empowers organizations to take control of their digital ecosystem, safeguarding their operations seamlessly.

Universal Data Ingest and Telemetry Support

One of the most remarkable features of this partnership is its ability to ingest data from any source and through any agent. Whether it's open telemetry, Prometheus, Fluentd, or other sources, and Apica ensure full telemetry support for a complete observability experience.

Data Sovereignty and Scalability

The power-packed backend of this collaboration is not only swift but also highly scalable, accommodating organizations of all sizes. Moreover, it's a platform that grants customers the freedom to choose where their data is stored and for how long. This level of data sovereignty offers unparalleled flexibility and compliance while adhering to organizational preferences.

Data Pipeline and Cost Efficiency

Innovation takes another leap as and Apica introduce data pipeline capabilities. This not only hands customers the reins to their data but also unlocks an opportunity to drastically reduce data ingest costs by up to a staggering 90%. This is a game-changer that resonates with organizations aiming to optimize resource utilization without compromising on insights.

Comparison from a selection of other recognised vendors:

In essence, this dynamic collaboration between and Apica has obliterated boundaries and introduced a synergy of capabilities that's set to turn heads across the industry. The amalgamation of endpoint observability, thick client synthetics, SIEM, SOAR, universal telemetry support, data sovereignty, scalability, and data pipeline prowess make this partnership an unstoppable force that will reshape how we perceive observability.

Stay tuned for an era of limitless possibilities and unmatched innovation.


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